The Touch II Vacuum Erectile Dysfunction System


The Soma-Therapy Vaccuum Erectile Dysfunction system is a treatment for erectile dysfunction.  

Electrically operated and ergonomically designed for men coping with arthritic finger joints and limited dexterity. With just a push of the button, this super-quiet battery operated system does all the work for you.

The VED system is constructed of medical grade plastic that is designed for many years of use. 

The Response II Kit Contains: 

  • Negative Pressure Device 
  • A Carrying Case
  • SomaTherapy-ED Lubricant
  • Tensions Systems
  • Tension System Loading Cone
  • Cylinder Sizing Inserts
  • Training Manual 
  • Instructional DVD

If you would like to view a SomaTherapy™ product brochure, please click here.

The Touch II system is registered as a medical device.

Please note, this product is only to be used on the advice of your GP or healthcare professional.

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