Cathejell Mono – Catheter Lubricant Gel – Box of 25


Use Cathejell Mono prior to catheterisation to lubricate the urethra, and to enable smooth and comfortable insertion of your catheter. Cathejell protects against urethral trauma by instilling a viscose gel that slowly unfolds the urethral lining to prepare for catherisation.

Advantages of using Cathejell?

  • Cathejell is sterile blister-packed - allowing you to break the tip into a sterile field with one hand. No touching of the tip is required – this minimises the risk of contamination resulting in an infection.
  • Plain, water-soluble, sterile lubricant – no active ingredients to minimise the risk of allergic reactions
  • Easy-grip collar and small size make positioning and squeezing the syringe hassle-free
  • High viscosity gel prevents leakage and ensures durable urethral lubrication
  • Free of: latex, paraben, PVC, DEHP

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