Frequently Asked Questions


Does Endo Personal Care provide medical advice?

No. We advise that you seek medical advice from a health care professional.

Shipping & Handling

What is the cost of shipping?

$8.95 Australia wide. All of our orders are shipped for next day delivery.

Do you ship outside of Australia?


Do you deliver orders to PO Box addresses?

No. Please provide a residential address

SupraCath™ Catheters

Can I try a SupraCath™ Catheter before I buy one?

Yes! To ensure that our customer’s needs are met by our SupraCath catheters, we provide the option to try one SupraCath catheter free of charge. Please contact our Customer Service Team directly to arrange this.

Can the SupraCath™ catheter be used transurethrally?


What are the differences in the sizes?

Please click here to see the product sizing and order code chart which helps to explain the variation in sizing.

  • The size (gauge), measured in (Fr) indicates the width of the catheter.
  • The length, measured in (cm) indicates the entire length of catheter.
  • The balloon size is measured in (cc) and indicates the balloon’s fluid capacity.
  • Please contact your Doctor or healthcare adviser if you have any questions regarding which size would suit your needs best.

What are the most popular sizes of SupraCath catheters?

16 Fr, 40cm (1032-16) and 18Fr, 40cm (1032-18).

How often will I need to exchange a SupraCath catheter?

SupraCath can be replaced at up to 6 week intervals; however, this can be determined by various factors. Please contact your Doctor of healthcare adviser for further information.

SomaTherapy Response II and Touch II VED

The SomaTherapy pump is not working, what can I do?

SomaTherapy Response II and Touch II VED are sold with a training manual and instructional DVD which must be watched and read carefully to ensure correct use. If you are still having issues, please contact your GP or health care provider.

Is there are warranty on SomaTherapy Response II and Touch II VED products?

Yes, Augusta Medical offer a Lifetime Warranty on SomaTherapy Response II and Touch II VED. All relevant forms are included with this product. If you have any further questions regarding the warranty of this product, please follow the warranty instructions that are included with purchase, or call Endo Personal Care’s Customer Service line directly on (02) 9869 2868.

Money back guarantee for SomaTherapy products

If the Response II or Touch II VED product does not meet my expectations, can I get my money back? 

We offer a 31 day money back guarantee on our Response II and Touch II VED products, inclusive of $8.95 for shipping & handling.

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